FAIR coffins collaborates with several partners


The FAIR coffins with the GreenLeave approved logo meet the sustainability requirements of GreenLeave. GreenLeave is an organisation that strives to make sustainability something that goes without saying within the funeral industry. To achieve this, GreenLeave focuses among other things on the ten parts of a funeral which relatives of the deceased are able to decide about themselves.

These ten parts of a funeral have been listed and, in collaboration with the Dutch foundation Natuur & Milieu (Nature & Environment), have been carefully examined for aspects of sustainability. All funeral directors who have joined GreenLeave offer a range of products and services that meet the GreenLeave requirements.

Stichting Driestroom (Dutch foundation Driestroom)

FAIR coffins works closely together with Stichting Driestroom for the production of the coffins. This foundation is experienced in guiding and supporting people with a disability or people with a disadvantage on the labour market. Driestroom hosts learning and working projects on several locations. All Driestroom trainees receive professional coaching by experienced supervisors. Driestroom believes that everyone should and can be a valuable member of society, whether they have a disability or not. At Driestroom, everyone is able to work on their own level and at their own pace. Trainees aspire to be a full member of society, as much as possible and in all aspects: living, learning and working. Support and guidance are focused towards development. Personal growth is an important part of everyday happiness. This is the goal that both Driestroom and FAIR coffins work hard for on a daily basis.

Social Enterprise NL

FAIR coffins is a member of Social Enterprise NL. Social Enterprise NL is the driving force behind social entrepreneurship in the Netherlands – entrepreneurs who understand and choose for social value. Companies that work socially produce products or offer services just like any other company. They have a revenue model, too. However, making a profit is not the main goal. It is just the means with which they can fulfil their mission. The goal of a social enterprise is to create added value for society. This added value is also called ‘impact’. To achieve this, the company must pay attention to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and find a good balance between social, environmental and financial goals (People, Planet, Profit).

Trees for All

FAIR coffins are carbon neutral. Any CO2 that we can’t avoid, we compensate by investing in trees through Trees for All. Trees for All, formerly known as Trees for Travel, is a foundation and bears the Dutch CBF quality mark for charities. Any contribution made towards the compensation of CO2 and the planting of trees is invested in the realisation of new forests and the protection of existing forests. These projects generate extra income for the local population and contribute to the restoration of nature and the environment.

ION – Inclusief Ondernemers Netwerk (Network for Inclusive Entrepreneurs)

FAIR coffins is a member of ION, a network created for and by inclusive entrepreneurs in the area around the city of Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The goal of the network is to introduce inclusive entrepreneurs to one another, enhance visibility and support each other. In addition to this, ION aspires to stimulate inclusive entrepreneurship within the region and to achieve the goal of the Sociaal Akkoord (Social Agreement): create more jobs for people with a disability. ION wants to achieve this goal by being an ambassador of WerkBedrijf, a Dutch employment agency.