Marks and Certification of FAIR coffins


FAIR coffins only uses wood materials that have the approval of the FSC. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organisation that is committed to the preservation of forests and responsible forest management around the world. For the FSC responsible forest management means that all ecological, social and economic aspects that play a role within forest management are taken into account.

National Association of Crematoria (Dutch Landelijke Vereniging voor Crematoria)

The Dutch National Association of Crematoria has approved FAIR coffins for cremation and has included them within their approved list of materials. The LVC is an industry organisation of which all crematoria in the Netherlands are a member. During member meetings, different subject that are of importance for the industry as a whole are discussed. Members can exchange information with each other about the latest developments within the field and industry, e.g. regarding topics such as mourning, providing of services, legislation and new technical developments.

Compostable plastics

FAIR coffins contain very little plastic. The little plastic that is used – PLA – is fully eco-friendly and biodegradable. Within 12 weeks, the plastic will have degraded by at least 95%. This type of plastic may be thrown in the ‘bio bin’, together with e.g. food waste and plant material. It may also be thrown in the regular bin for household waste. When incinerated these plastics will then still generate some energy. The used logo is trustworthy: an independent and certified third party carries out inspection and checks.