CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility


For FAIR coffins sustainable entrepreneurship is of the utmost importance. FAIR coffins therefore strives to be a company that contributes to the realisation of able, happy people (People), a diverse and healthy environment (Planet), and a thriving economy (Profit). These principles are the core values on which we have built our company. We will never make any concessions to these values. FAIR coffins respects the balance between people, the environment and economy following ISO 26000.


The production process of our eco-friendly coffins is in the able hands of people with a disability of disadvantage on the labour market. The assembling of coffins and the sewing of interior lining provides a useful and fulfilling day activity and creates work satisfaction. It also offers people the opportunity to learn a craft and gain work experience. FAIR coffins offers steady jobs to people who have a disadvantage on the labour market, whatever their background may be. We support ‘open hiring’.



FAIR coffins thinks that nature should be protected. We are entrusted with the care for the world and the environment and need to make sure it is preserved for future generations. This is why the coffins and caskets of FAIR coffins are made of natural and recycled materials that are fully biodegradable. You can read more about our care for the environment here. FAIR coffins is a carbon neutral company. We aspire to keep our CO2 emission as low as possible. Any CO2 we can’t avoid we compensate by contributing to the realisation of new forests through means of the Trees For All foundation.



Making money is a sensitive subject within the funeral industry. However, FAIR coffins thinks it is important that entrepreneurs are able to receive fair margins for their products. A sound and sufficient margin is necessary to ensure the continuity of companies within the funeral industry. We think this continuity is important because it enables us to work together to make the funeral industry cleaner and more eco-friendly while at the same time keeping the industry financially healthy. FAIR coffins strives to be a company that is managed as efficiently and effectively as possible to keep overhead costs low. This way we are able to offer affordable coffins and caskets and provide dealers with a financially sound margin. FAIR coffins is committed to a restrained renumeration policy and has included this in the statutory provisions.