The last trip is often the most polluting

Do not use toxic or non-durable funeral boxes made of wood or chipboard

Choose 100% ecological without additional cost!

FAIR coffins: A new generation of coffins

100% ecological, socially produced and affordable

If you choose a coffin from FAIR coffins, you leave the world a cleaner place and at the same time create job opportunities for people who struggle with occupational limitations.

Our coffins are developed using the latest technologies in the field of ecological and circular use of materials. In fact, FAIR coffins are so innovative that we have applied for a patent ®.

Environmentally Friendly

FAIR coffins are made of natural and recycled materials that are biodegradable. FAIR coffins are also carbon neutral.

Socially Produced

FAIR coffins are produced by people who have a disability or people with disadvantages on the labour market.


Eco-friendly, but without the extra cost. That is what we strive for. We produce coffins that are 100% sustainable and available for the same price of a regular, polluting coffin.

Our Philosophy

FAIR coffins feels strongly that we should protect the environment and nature. Let us take good care of the world and preserve it for future generations.

How can we achieve that?

By making use of the newest and latest technologies. We develop and produce affordable sustainable coffins that are of the highest quality.

Make a conscious decision

If you choose a coffin by FAIR coffins, you choose to leave the world a cleaner place for your loved ones.

CSR – People, Planet, Profit

We strive to run our business in a way that shows the most Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This way, we can contribute towards the realisation of able and happy people (People), a diverse and healthy environment (Planet), and a thriving economy (Profit).

Stamp of approval

Our coffins have been approved for cremations, funerals and natural burials.


Press coverage

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Stress testing

Cremation testing

Marks of quality, friends & partners

FAIR coffins is proud of the several quality marks that proof the high quality of our products.

This has all been made possible by the help and knowledge of several friends and partners who fully support FAIR coffins.

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