Environmentally Friendly & Sustainable

FAIR coffins thinks that nature should be protected. We are entrusted with the care for the world and the environment and need to make sure it is preserved for future generations. This is why the coffins and caskets of FAIR coffins are made of natural and recycled materials that are fully biodegradable.


Recycled materials

The coffin is made of sandwiched boards that consist of recycled wood pulp, waste paper and cardboard. The composition of the fibres and the ingenious construction guarantee that these panels are very strong and lightweight and therefore offer an eco-friendly alternative to the use of wood.
Trees turn toxic CO2 into oxygen and purify the air. Once a tree has been cut for a coffin, it is no longer able to do is. Furthermore, the tree will emit all the CO2 it has been storing when it is incinerated. Because of this we prefer to use wood for more sustainable purposes than incineration only, such as building houses or manufacturing furniture and would like to encourage you to do the same.

This is also why FAIR coffins strives to use recycled materials that already exist, thereby also creating as minimal of an environmental impact as possible. The products of our suppliers are all FSC certified.


Natural fabrics

For the fabric interiors of our coffins we have chosen for biodegradable organic cotton and burlap. The organic cotton and burlap are grown without the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. To further ensure that the production process is as sustainable as possible, we choose not to bleach the fabrics and only colour them with natural colourings. Furthermore, our supplier personally makes sure that the labour conditions in the countries of origin are humane.

Carbon neutral

FAIR coffins is a carbon neutral company. We try to make our production as environmentally friendly as possible by reducing product movement and transportation and minimising the emission of CO2. Within our own company we try to keep emission of CO2 low by choosing for environmentally friendly alternatives and partners. This is the reason why we minimise our use of paper and send e-mails instead of letters as well as apply other ‘paperless office’ methods. Any CO2 we can’t avoid we compensate by contributing to the realisation of new forests through means of the Trees For All foundation.

Glue and paints

During the construction of our coffins we try to use as little glue as possible. However, if glue is used, it is a starch-based glue made from potatoes. We prefer to produce and deliver unpainted, natural coffins, but we understand that preferences differ. We therefore offer coffins that are printed or painted with eco-friendly paints and inks. We use various organic pigments, such as carotene which gives carrots their nice orange colour.


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