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We are always looking for partners who are willing to work together to contribute towards a cleaner world and funeral industry.

What we offer
• We offer a unique, patented and complete product of high quality and with a sound financial margin.
• FAIR coffins comply with all rules and regulations for tenders set out by the Dutch government (SROI).
• We are looking for local distributors who hold a position in the top 10 within their own national market.
• A license to manufacture FAIR coffins is available. This means you can set up your own production.
• The coffins and caskets of FAIR coffins have been extensively tested and found to be ‘fool proof’. They have been approved by the Dutch National Association of Crematoria (LVC).
• FAIR coffins are GreenLeave approved. This will aid the reputation of your own company as being eco-friendly and sustainable.
• FAIR coffins have been approved for cremations, funerals, natural burials and eco-friendly burials.
• FAIR coffins are a great addition to your current range of coffins and caskets. By including FAIR coffins you expand the range of products you are able to offer your customers.
• FAIR coffins is a strong brand. FAIR coffins invests in local marketing & branding.
• Orders made on the website or through service providers are always carried out by our dealers.

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